Your Tax Advocate.

Tax attorney and CPA Jim Liang resolves tax problems — for good. If you're facing a Maryland or IRS tax issue, you've come to the right place.

The Law Office of Jim Liang, LLC

Federal & Maryland Tax Attorney

Jim Liang is a tax attorney and Certified Public Accountant. His law practice is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses handle IRS and Maryland tax issues ranging from examinations and audits to collection issues, refund claims, past due tax returns, and tax-related identity theft.

Tax laws and rules are complicated. It's all too easy to find yourself being audited or owing taxes you can't — or shouldn't — pay. This is where an experienced tax advocate can make all the difference. With Jim you can expect:

✓ A clear analysis and explanation of your rights

✓ A step by step plan to handle your issue

✓ An experienced advocate to communicate with tax authorities on your behalf

✓ A local, compassionate professional who will not treat you like a number

The Law Office of Jim Liang, LLC is located in Towson, Maryland — just north of Baltimore City near the beltway. If you are facing the stress of unresolved tax problems, contact Jim today for a free consultation to discuss how he can advocate for you.

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